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 What is: The Collection

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What is: The Collection Empty
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Here all questions can be answered about The Collection.
Quote :

So, Waddle50008, What exactly is "The Collection"?
It is a collection (hence the name) of NintendCards, all named after the very penguins of Club Penguin. Every single card, every username, is 100% inspired by an ordinary penguin seen waddling around on Club Penguin. Even our NintendCards promotional card is a REAL user.
Quote :

But how does this work?
Well, we go on Club Penguin with our special account, Nintendcards, and look for penguins to feature in The Collection. Now, not only famous penguins make it into The Collection. Any average penguin that we see on Club Penguin could become a NintendCard.
Quote :

I want a NintendCard. How do I get one? How do I prove I've payed for it? What if somebody shares there NintendCard image with someone else?
If you want a Collector's NintendCard, you must have enough money to buy it. Once you buy it, and administrator will edit your Inventory on your character sheet and add that cards info to it. However, the Money & Inventory systems are not available yet, nor are any Collector's NintendCards, for that reason. These features will be available in the V2.0 of The NintendCards Forum.

If your question doesn't seem to be here, PM me with it and I will add it.
*Note: You will not get a response, you must check this topic to see your answer.
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What is: The Collection
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